Being Creative!

The best thing about being creative is that I am never bored.  How can I be bored when there is so much excitement in this world?  There are so many new things to learn about, and then so many new things to create from everything that can be learned.

Whenever I begin a new project, the thought of it, the idea from which any book, poem or picture book springs, has usually been with me, following me around my house and annoying me, for quite some time.  Out of sheer laziness, I usually try to ignore the idea.  (If I just lay here on the sofa, maybe it won’t see me.)  I may even ask it to leave, “Go away, New-York-Times-Best-Selling-Book-Idea.  Get out of my house!  I can’t find a pencil right now.  Perhaps there’s some other writer you can pester.”  Of course, with me, it’s always been the Pulitzer prize winning ideas that I’ve let slip away.

TLC 4/14/14

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